Chris's Story

I was being looked at by a couple different major league teams and my addiction just got in the way every single time
— Chris

Chris grew up in church, but as he got older he began smoking and drinking. Chris' dream was to play professional baseball, but his addiction seemed to get in the way every time a team would look at him. One morning he woke up and there were bulging l, green veins running through his chest towards his heart. He went to the doctor and was rushed to the emergency room where he found out that he had three blood clots in his elbow and one going to his heart. In that moment everything was in question. The doctor told him he could live a normal life, but the only thing he could not do was throw another baseball. In one moment everything he thought he was going to be was taken away. It left him crushed and needing God. He had heard about The Block and decided to check it out. He said from day one he felt love and accepted and knew that God was in this place.